About Us

McLevy Builders, founded in 1953, incorporated in 1988, is a premier custom home builder and renovation expert in Fairfield County.

McLevy Builders has built outstanding custom homes and home renovations from Weston to Greenwich including vacation homes in Stratton, VT and Fisher’s Island, NY.

Partnering with renowned architects such as Shope Reno Wharton Partners, Robertson & Landers and Alfred Wen, McLevy Builders delivers premier service and quality that shows in the beautiful, luxurious homes their clients love more each day they live in them.

Charlie McLevy
Master Builder, Master Carpenter, Project Manager

Josh McLevy
Licensed excavator/demolition

Home Improvement Contractor  Reg #  HIC.o550805
New Home Construction Contractor Reg #  NHC.0011122
Demolition Contractor Cert #  1072 Class B